General Info

HAKUSANA LTD. is committed to protecting their clients’ privacy and offers an opportunity to have an influence on data handling.

With this privacy policy we inform our clients about the handling of their private information. Client must accept the terms and conditions of this privacy policy to use HAKUSANA LTD. webstore services.

The information we collect can be divided into information given by the user, information gathered from web service usage and information gathered from analytics.

 We use the information to:

  • Delivering easy-to-use and secure service
  • Making customer experience better
  • Improving product placement and marketing
  • Customer service and web store developing

Registrar and their contacts

Registrar of the processed data is:

Company number: 11407742

You may ask about data protection and handling of private information by email from:

[email protected]


Collecting Data

What information can be gathered about me?

  • User given information or personal identification information
  • Identification information, such as name
  • Social security number for identifying customers when making credit agreements
  • Contact information such as address, e-mail and phone number
  • Payment details including credit agreements and other billing information
  • Location information with the consent of the user, which will be used to estimate delivery times
  • E-mail address and certificate used with Google and Facebook logins.
  • Information gathered from service use and analytics
  • Purchase history, such as ordered products and their pricing
  • Shipping information, such as selected shipping method and address
  • Product reviews
  • Webstore usage and browsing information as well as identifying information of the terminal used
  • Product recommendation and other targeted information and identifiers
  • Chat logs and messages from using live chat


Giving identifier, contact and payment information is mandatory when buying from HAKUSANA LTD. Webstore. Main source of the information is from users themselves.

Why We Collect

Personal information is used for:

  • Maintaining customership
  • Delivering, handling and archiving orders
  • Improving operations and services of HAKUSANA LTD.
  • Improving customer experience
  • Analytics and statistics
  • Creating more personalized content and marketing
  • Preventing malpractices
  • Offering better customer service
  • Information is used for customer relations between the customer and HAKUSANA LTD, contracts, page usage, separate approval of the customer or based on lawful obligations.

How the information is Stored & Secured


All personal information is protected from inappropriate access and accidental or illegal data loss, change, release, transfer or other illegal handling.

HAKUSANA LTD. stores customer information on their server in the Netherlands. Server rooms and shop’s systems’ technical and process data protection is at a very high level. The company uses a data protection system according to ISO 27001 standard. Servers have been protected against intrusion and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.

We use good data protection methods, such as database encryption, in handling personal information and in technical solutions. Handling of personal information fills all of the demands set in EU GDPR 25.5.2018.

All access to personal information is regulated with good conventions.


Accessability to the personal information

Only employees of HAKUSANA LTD. have the access to personal information and they have been trained to use the information in a safe and ethical manner. Every person in our staff only sees personal information relevant to their job functions.

We use reliable contractors when information can be sent to third parties. We have taken into account that our contractors use EU GDPR and other lawful demands. You can read more about third parties in section “Is my personal information handed to third parties?”

 Company responsible for data handling:

Company number: 11407742

How long is my information stored for?


We only store personal information for the duration needed, so we can fulfil the usage mentioned in this policy. Also, some of the information may be stored longer than laws obligate, for example for accounting and consumer commerce responsibilities as well as indicating their lawful implementation.

Personal information considering the user may be deleted or made anonymous in HAKUSANA LTD. systems from the user’s request. Deletion and anonymisation is irreversible and we cannot restore deleted customer accounts or reward points accumulated in them. Also, the user’s order history is removed in the process.


Legislation has obligations for prolonged data storage for following situations:

  • Accounting Act defines longer storage times not depending if the information includes personal information or not.
  • Fulfilling responsibilities concerning consumer commerce.
  • System logs are gathered and stored in a way that is commanded in the law, so that we can offer a lawful and safe webstore for our customers.

Taking enough backups from the shop’s databases and keeping system information safe, fixing problems and ensuring data protection as well as ensuring continuity.

What rights do I have?

As a customer your right is:

  • Get access to personal information regarding you, including the right to receive a copy of personal information regarding
  • With certain conditions restricting handling and objecting personal information handling.
  • In addition if handling is based on a separate consent, you have the right to decline that consent at any time. Please notice that this does not have effect before declining consent for data handling lawfulness. You may change this setting in account settings.

You may make a request regarding your rights to our customer service. The request needs to be identifiable, so that our customer service can identify you. We will let you know, if we can’t fulfill your request in some parts, such as deleting all your files which have a lawful obligation (such as credit information) or a lawful right.

If you find that there is deficiency in the handling or it it’s against the law, you have a right to make a complaint to the data protection authorities.

 How can I ask to see the stored personal information?

You may request the personal information stored about you from HAKUSANA LTD. with an email to: [email protected]

How can I affect on using information about me?

HAKUSANA LTD. is pledged to give their customers opportunities to have influence on handling information about them.

You may decide about marketing targeted to you, value-added services and receive or not receive different marketing messages. The options you can find in account settings. We’re improving our service constantly, so features may be added, changed or removed.

Customer can remove their user account at anytime and request the deletion of their information by contacting HAKUSANA LTD. customer service.

Attention! In some cases all of the information cannot be deleted and legislations may require to store some of the personal information about the customer.

Third Parties

Are any personal information handed to third parties?

We may hand some necessary information to third parties ensuring deliveries as well as for marketing. Your information is also delivered to the party admitting credit when making a credit decision.

We use personal information with third parties also for analytics and personalisation. We utilize shopping habits and browsing information with our partners, so we can offer better and more interesting products and offers. Information used in analytics and personalisation is anonymised and pseudonymised always when possible. Only we can connect a pseudonymised information to your name.

When needed we also hand out information to the authorities. We will inform the customer about these situations, if it is permitted under law.

 We will provide information to the following third parties:

  • Analytics and statistics partners (Google Analytics)
  • E-mail marketing partners (MailChimp) if the customer has applied for a newsletter, browsing history based marketing or product review requests.
  • To the payment agent when paying for an order
  • The site manager will be possibly provided information according to orders in case of maintenance or problems.

HAKUSANA LTD. tends the highest data protection level by EU GDPR when transferring or handling information. Third party level of data protection affirmation is Europe’s commission’s standard contractual clauses, BCR-deal, EU-US Privacy shield contract or some other method approved by the GDPR.

Customer may limit handing out information to marketing and analytics purposes.


Those lovely bits of code that everybody is talking about.

The webpage governed by HAKUSANA LTD. uses cookies and other technologies, such as local storage. Cookies are text files between the browser and the server. Cookies and other identifiers have a certain duration after which the browser deletes them. We use these technologies in implementing features, improving user experience, personalisation and analytics as well as marketing.

Functional cookies and local storage is used e.g. identifying the customer, keeping the user logged in, shipping estimates and shopping cart features. Accepting cookies and local storage is essential for these features. Functional cookies and local storage set by the server stay in the browser from 15 minutes to 24 months if they are not deleted from browser settings. Visiting the webpage sets new cookies and local storage if browser allows it to.

Information targeted to analytics and marketing is anonymised always when possible. Otherwise we keep information personal when identifiers contain customer related information such as IP-address. Also identifiers which have been linked to a customer in any way will be considered as personal information. Information targeted to analytics and marketing will be used from 30 seconds to 24 months.

We use Google Analytics among other things in website usage, popular products, trends and analytics regarding sales. Information sent to Google is anonymised. Read more about Google Analytics data handling.

Other technologies used in analytics and marketing, such as pixel tags help us understand user behaviour and tells us which products interest our customers as well as which features and services are the most useful to our customers. Identifiers used by our analytics and marketing partners can be declined by activating “Do Not Track” -feature in your browser and setting your browser to decline third party cookies.

Can the privacy policy change?

Due to changes in the services and changes in legislation, we reserve the right to change the privacy policy. Significant changes to the privacy policy will be reported to registered customers when the terms are updated.

This privacy policy has been last updated 24.5.2018 and replaces the previous policy.