Terms of Service

Satisfaction Guarantee

The customer has a 14-day satisfaction guarantee for our services. The order does not yet bind the customer, and they have the right to cancel it after seeing drafts related to the satisfaction guarantee. If the customer cancels within 14 days and has already made partial or full payment, the Supplier will refund the paid amount to the bank account specified by the customer. The satisfaction guarantee is considered fulfilled if the customer does not express dissatisfaction within 14 days of receiving the drafts or approves the drafts provided by the Supplier.

Responsibilities of the Customer

The customer is responsible for all submitted content, including texts and graphic materials. The customer is also responsible for any content used in the design upon their request.

The customer must respond to requests made by the Supplier via email or other electronic or written means within 14 days. If the customer cannot be reached within this time, the work is considered approved, and the Supplier has the right to invoice for the work done.

Work Approval

The customer is deemed to have approved logo design if the logo is used in any form or the customer informs the Supplier that they have approved it.

The customer is considered to have approved the website implementation if they do not notify the Supplier within 14 days of the website going live.

Responsibilities of the Supplier

A service by the Supplier is considered faulty if it significantly deviates from what was agreed in the offer. The customer must notify the Supplier of the fault as soon as it is noticed. The Supplier has the right to correct the fault first. The Supplier's liability is limited to the fees collected for the service.


Billing occurs in two ways:

  1. Fixed Price Contract: The billing is done in two 50% installments. The first when work starts, the second when the work is completed and approved by the customer.

  2. Hourly Rate Work: Invoices are sent either when 20 work hours are completed or when the required task is finished, whichever comes first.


Payment Terms

Invoices have a 14-day payment term. If a customer has two or more open invoices, work may be paused until all open invoices are fully paid.


Other Terms

The customer is responsible for all usage of the website and the logo.

The Supplier has the right to use images of completed work and public feedback from the customer in their portfolio unless otherwise specified by the customer.

The Supplier can register a domain name on behalf of the customer. The Supplier is not responsible for renewing the domain after the first term, unless otherwise agreed.

Legal These terms are governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. Disputes will be settled primarily through negotiations between the Customer and the Supplier. If an agreement cannot be reached, the case will be settled in the local court where the Supplier is based.