Satisfaction Guarantee

The Customer has a satisfaction guarantee for the services we offer. The order does not yet bind the Customer and the Customer has the right to cancel the order after seeing the drafts citing the satisfaction guarantee. If the Customer cancels the order citing the satisfaction guarantee and has already paid partial or total performance for the work, the Provider will return the amount paid in advance to the bank account indicated by the Customer. The satisfaction guarantee is considered fulfilled and satisfaction demonstrated if the Customer accepts the proofs presented by the Provider of the logo or other graphic work, the layout of the homepage, or the homepage is opened to the public or is further developed according to the Customer’s wishes.

Responsibilities of the Customer

The Customer is responsible for all the material he sends, such as text content and graphic materials. The Customer is also considered to be responsible for all material that is used in the design at the Customer’s request.

The Customer is responsible for responding to requests made by the Supplier by e-mail or other electronic or written means. Acceptance or commenting on drafts and proposals, as well as other requests important for planning and implementation, are considered requests. The Customer must respond to the Supplier’s requests within 14 days of sending the request. If the Customer is not reached within the above-mentioned time, the work is considered accepted and the Supplier has the right to invoice for the work done up to that point in a reasonable manner and the Customer loses the right to changes.

The Customer is responsible for the correctness of his contact information in the offer and is obliged to notify the Supplier immediately if there are any changes in the contact information.

The Customer is deemed to have accepted the logo design if the Customer adopts the logo or parts of it or informs the Supplier that it has accepted the logo design.

The Customer is deemed to have accepted the website implementation if the Customer does not complain to the Supplier within 14 days of the website’s publication.

The Customer is responsible for all use of the website and logo in their own operations.

Responsibilities of the supplier

The supplier’s service can be considered to have an error if it substantially deviates from the definition agreed in the offer in terms of content or characteristics and the error substantially hinders the use of the service.

The Customer is obliged to point out the error as soon as he notices it. The supplier has the right to firstly correct the error and bring the service in line with what was agreed in the offer. The supplier’s liability is limited to the fees charged for providing the service. The Supplier is not responsible for indirect damages that the Customer may incur due to the use of the service or late delivery.

Terms of payment

In all our services, the payment term is 14 days net. If the Customer does not pay our invoice by the due date, we will send a payment reminder. If the Customer does not respond to the payment reminder, we will transfer the invoice to the collection agency. All our receivables are collectable if the Customer does not complain about the invoice within the 14-day notice period*. The Customer is responsible for the collection costs in full if he leaves the invoice unclaimed or unpaid.

We consider the contract cancelled in a situation where the customer has failed to fulfil his payment obligations despite several reminders. After the second payment reminder is sent, ongoing work will be suspended to manage the number of receivables. If payment is still not received, the services will be closed and the overdue payments will be transferred to the collection agency CMC Worldwide Ltd. to be processed.

*) The customer has the right to cancel the contract within 14 days of ordering the service without any given reasons. In this case, the service provider will refund the share of the website space, but the customer is obliged to pay the costs of the additional work ordered, the registration license or usage fees of any registered domain names, SSL certificates, server products purchased exclusively for the customer (e.g. Business 10GB server) or other services purchased from third parties because the immediate costs incurred by us are non-refundable.

Other terms and conditions

The supplier has the right to use photos of completed works and public feedback left by the Customer in his portfolio, unless the Customer specifically forbids it.

The Supplier can reserve the domain name desired by the Customer from a third party on behalf of the Customer. The supplier is not responsible for renewing the domain name after the first contract period, unless it has been separately agreed as part of the service package in the content of the offer.

The Customer is responsible for keeping the username and password associated with the domain name.

If the Customer has a commercial activity on its website, such as an online store, the Supplier is not responsible for the responsibilities or costs of products or services related to the Customer’s activities.

The Customer is responsible for the adequacy of the resources of the server he has acquired. If the server resources of the Customer’s home page space or the capacity of the network disk become insufficient, the Customer is obliged to acquire more resources and/or capacity.

If the Customer has ordered a web hotel from the Supplier that also includes a website maintenance service, the Supplier has the right to close the Customer’s web hotel if the Customer does not pay the invoices for website maintenance on time or if it is deemed that the Customer is using the Web Hotel for illegal activities. The Supplier is entitled to charge separately for the time used for reopening the web hotel and restoring the site to operation in accordance with the normal hourly pricing, if the closure has occurred for a reason beyond the Supplier’s control.

The supplier is not responsible for interruptions in the Webhotel caused by maintenance work, technical problems or installation work. The supplier is also not responsible for data delays, changes or, for example, loss of files due to the aforementioned issues.

A backup of the homepage is taken at the time of delivery, which is kept for 90 days after the publication of the homepage. After this, the backup is the responsibility of the Customer. If website maintenance is ordered from the Supplier, the backup is done daily and the backup is recycled in a 90-day cycle (90DRP – day recovery points). In the event of a problem situation caused by the Customer or caused by the Customer, the time spent on restoring the backup will be charged separately according to normal hourly pricing.

Passwords are the Customer’s responsibility. The Supplier is not responsible under any circumstances for hacking of the Customer’s website passwords or other abuses. The Customer is obliged to take care of the security of the passwords and to change them regularly.

The Customer is responsible for information security updates. The supplier is not responsible for any damages resulting from neglect of information security and hacking. The hours of work used for cleaning the homepage files will be billed separately if the Customer has neglected the site’s information security.

If the Customer has ordered the Supplier’s website update service and paid the related invoices on time, the Supplier is responsible for the site’s data security and cleans the site’s files of malicious code free of charge. However, the supplier is not responsible for other direct or indirect damages that may be caused by a data breach.

These terms are governed by the law of Great Britain. Disagreements are primarily resolved through negotiations between the Customer and the Supplier. If a mutually satisfactory solution cannot be reached through negotiation, the dispute will be resolved in the district court of the Supplier’s domicile, in the United Kingdom.